Parody of program: Theme – “Losing is the New Winning”


12:00 PM – Lara Trump’s workout live
2:00 PM – Amber Rose’s pole dance hour/slut walk
3:00 PM – MTG’s workout
5:00 PM – Drawing for Boebert to sit next to you for the night. Check under your seats for the lucky vape pen! Followed by her shouting for an hour.
6:00 PM – Alina Habba legal strategies
6:01 PM – Awkward silence
7:00 PM – Mar-a-Lago cosmetic surgery tips. Coupons in the program!
9:00 PM – Roundtable on “What can you sell to give to a billionaire?”


12:00 PM – Vivek pump-and-dump seminar
2:00 PM – Noem dog training
3:00 PM – MTG vs Boebert cage match
5:00 PM – Makeup tips w/Bruce Jenner
6:00 PM – What not to wear featuring Kim Guilfoyle

MAGAdonains think Amber Rose is more entertaining than Casey DeSantis.