Trump tries to incite fear by claiming the US is a ‘failed nation’. In fact, America is among, if not the most prosperous nations in the world. Our supply-side investments are not just bolstering the U.S. economy but supporting the global economic outlook as well.

Oil production by the US is highest ever, higher than any other country

Stock market reached an all-time high when it surpassed 40,000 for the first time in May of 2024

Americans’ savings accounts such as 401 (k) are at an all-time high

Unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been in 54 years

Chicken breast are still $.99/lb

– Gasoline is slightly higher than the price it was during the very low-demand period caused by COVID when no one was traveling to work or otherwise. But the president has no direct control over gas prices! So I am not sure why this is even mentioned.

Remember when eggs went up in price for while? There was some disease spreading through the chicken houses and birds had to be destroyed. This is not something anyone has much control over.

No, the country is NOT ‘failing’. A president has NO control over gas or food prices.

THREE very important issues for me are ones where Trump failed.

Said he would build a wall and did not. Instead, pushed for amnesty, pardoned major Democrat criminals such as Rod Blagojevich and Kwame Kilpatrick, and let violent criminals out of jail on advice from Kim Kardashian, some of whom are now committing murders. Then he urged the congress to block a border bill because it would make his opponent look good.

Said ‘only he’ could erase the debt and instead added $8T more to it, more than any president before him and never vetoed one single Dem spending bill.

Talks a good game against Agenda 21, but in 2018 signed legislation that CODIFIED it into law and now is the basis for everything the government does. THIS IS GLOBALISM.

The last three issues, immigration, spending and globalism, are VERY important and on these key issues he is no better than a Democrat.

In addition to his many crimes, inability to tell the truth, and functional illiteracy, he’s not someone I want in the GOP.