After Donald Trump blamed Nancy Pelosi for the insurrection, the MAGA cult have been trying to justify Trump’s involvement and keep his “Nancy Pelosi did it” LIE alive.

But, not one single MAGA idiot has been able to answer this question:

Why would Nancy Pelosi orchestrate an insurrection to STOP the certification of an election HER candidate won?

Oh, and to dispel all the MAGA cults lies and conspiracy theories, let’s cover some facts.

1) Nancy Pelosi is not in charge of the DC National Guard. Normally, the state National Guard is controlled by the States Governor. But in Washington DC, the National Guard is controlled by the President – who in this case, was Donald Trump.

2) Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sung stated in an interview, that TWO DAYS BEFORE January 6th, he was DENIED National Guard assistance by then TRUMP acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller. IT’S ON VIDEO FOLKS.

3) Before the cultists pull that, “that’s not what Sung told Tucker Carlson,” bullshit, you need to watch or re-watch that interview. Steven Sung never once blamed Nancy Pelosi – despite Tucker trying to steer him into doing so.

4) Nancy Pelosi was not, and is not, in charge of Capitol security – – Per 2 U.S. Code § 1901a and 2 U.S. Code § 1961. The 4-member Capitol Police Board is in charge of Capitol security and has been since 1873. This is not debatable… IT IS THE LAW.

5) Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the authority to override the President of the United States. If Donald Trump – who is charge of the DC National Guard – had ordered troops to the U.S Capitol — they would have been there.

6) Trump’s own Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller admitted there was NO ORDER given by Donald Trump to deploy National Guard troops. IT’S ON AUDIO TAPE, FOLKS.

General Mark Milley, Trump’s own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and principal military advisor, testified: “You’re the commander in chief. You’ve got an assault going on on the Capitol of the United States of America. And there’s nothing? No call? Nothing? Zero?”

7) Mayor Muriel Bowser, AFTER she previously stated the Capitol Police could handle security, did, after all, request more National Guard assistance, and it was not given.