Here are some things Trump said at a recent rally in Chesapeake, Virginia:

He called POTUS Joe “Briden”.

He doubled down on saying “black jobs” and “Hispanic jobs.”

He thinks that an electric airplane would fall out of the sky if it wasn’t sunny out.

He creepily called a little boy in the audience “beautiful”.

He babbled about a whale.

He praised a fictional serial killer.

He called Chuck Schumer a “Palestinian”.

He rambled about boats sinking.

He said that North Korea, Russia, and China aren’t our enemies and that he’ll make them “do great.”

He forgot how to say “Israel”, “allies”, “Norfolk”, and “landslide”.

He took credit for Obama’s legislation for veterans.

He said he lowered the price of insulin.

He called people in Seattle and Minneapolis “thugs”.

He repeatedly called criminal J6ers “hostages”.

He fear mongered about nuclear war.

He confused John McGuire with Bob Good and called him “Bob McGuire” in two different parts of the speech.

He said we are a “failing nation”.

He said he doesn’t need votes. Good. Don’t vote for him.

As usual, he lied a lot.