We have seen lists of as many as 53 of Trump’s broken promises.

Here are a few.

– Remove all undocumented immigrants
– Dramatically scale back the U.S. Education Department or do away with it completely
– Cancel all funding of sanctuary cities
– Expand national right to carry to all 50 states
– Repeal Obamacare
– Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton
– Grow the economy by 4 percent a year
– Invest $550 billion in infrastructure and create an infrastructure fund
– Close parts of the Internet where ISIS is
– Enact term limits
– Eliminate the federal debt in 8 years (instead he added $8T to it)
– Impose death penalty for cop killers
– Have mandatory minimum sentences for criminals caught trying to re-enter the United States illegally
– Enact 5-year ban on White House and congressional officials from lobbying
– End birthright citizenship
– Reverse China’s entry into the World Trade Organization
– Build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it
– Triple ICE enforcement
– Eliminate gun-free zones at schools and military bases
– Cut the number of tax brackets
– Release his tax returns after an audit is completed

Not one of these promises were fulfilled.