Truly HORRIBLE is the only way to describe the Trump Presidency.

Tax cuts will sunset at the end of this year. Gas prices ROSE under him.

– The average annual growth of the economy was 2.5% in Trump’s first 3 years – Obama saw 2.3% – nothing spectacular

– Trump ADDED $8 Trillion to the debt… $3T before COVID. Never met a Democrat spending bill he didn’t sign. Despite his promises to “never sign one again,” he kept signing them

– Trump is responsible for the single biggest economic contraction ever recorded. So if you are giving him credit for a STRONG economy the first 3 years, he also deserves the blame for the SINGLE BIGGEST ECONOMIC CONTRACTION EVER RECORDED.

– Trump’s COVID economic decisions lead to the biggest stock market crash since 1929. As a result of his poor handling of COVID-19, he is responsible for the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. Trump and his COVID task force appointees are responsible for the demise of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and the near collapse of the US economy, which trickled down to the destruction of economies around the world.

– Operation Warp Speed (OWS) – This inexcusable circumventing of the safety and testing procedures to “fast track” brand new, never-used before technology to market and THEN absolve Big Pharma from ANY responsibility of the effects of said drugs, was one of the leading causes in deaths from 2020 forward.

– Trump’s steel tariffs cost the economy at least 250K jobs, if not more. He has no clear understanding of the damage he caused.

– Then we have J6 and how he used a common occurrence called the “Red Mirage” to gin up his supporters when he KNEW he had lost the election. “On election night, there’s a real possibility that the data will show Republicans leading early, before all the votes are counted. Then they can pretend something sinister’s going on when the counts change in Democrats’ favor.”

– During the ANTIFA riots where many businesses were torched and destroyed, he did nothing but tweet “Law and Order”.