We now know the truth…

Trump has been broke FOR DECADES, with the entirety of his “wealth” tied solely to the asset value of his properties which he’s mortgaged to the hilt in the collateralized loan shell-game he’s played his entire life in pathetic attempts to “impress” and keep up appearances. Trump has, quite literally, pile-driven EVERY business he’s ever owned into abject failure and chaos through his abysmal stupidity, utter ineptitude. The shoddy illusion of his garish “wealth” is both transparent and pathetic.

The airplane, Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster, the apartment and all of the other trappings Trump touts as proof of his “success” are all assets owned by his companies, which themselves are drowning in mortgaged debt and will likely end up liquidated with the rest of his holdings when he fails to raise his bond in the fraud case.

It’s no surprise no one will front Trump the cash he needs. In all reality, Trump has been an obnoxious, painfully dumb, serial-failing sociopathic fraud his entire life. Due to that AND his well-established history of attempting to stiff or screw just about everyone he does business with, Trump has been a pariah and a laughingstock within the business world for DECADES. He’s the guy you avoid making eye-contact with at events and parties in the hopes he doesn’t come over and start talking to you, as he’s such a classless, painfully stupid embarrassment to himself and everyone around him.

Trump is finished and knows it, and the only hope he has to avoid spending the remainder of his toxic, pathetic life in some dark, soul-crushing shithole of a federal prison destitute & alone, is getting back into the White House, and, as he’s repeatedly shown, he’s willing to do whatever it takes, illegal, unethical, traitorous, immoral or otherwise to save his corrupt & traitorous ample ass.

The only thing Trump has going for him at this point is the weaponized lethal stupidity and gullibility of his supporters – the same folks for whom he turned his serial-losing into a full-time job in order to keep fleecing their pockets.

Trump is the proverbial “rat in a corner”, and we can fully expect his extreme behavior to continue escalating exponentially as the heat increases on him.

Trump WILL incite violence again. J6 gave his cabal proof of concept, and he’s willing to sacrifice as many of his followers’ lives as it takes to “save” himself. That is reality.