This pathetic Trump sycophant harassed a young volunteer, calling her a ‘ho’ and asking her if she has an ‘Only Fans’ account. He called another volunteer a pussy, and just in general, acts like a huge dirtbag.

Trump has brought this behavior to the GOP party the movement taking on the personality of its leader. But he’s an immoral degenerate with no decency, respect or honor.

If Trump were a Reagan-like figure, this kid wouldn’t be acting this way – he’d carry himself with respect, modeled after President Reagan. But Trump is a jerk, just like this clown, so he acts like a jerk. And it’s not just this guy, but an entire generation of young men who have grown up modeling Trump’s behavior. There’s a huge segment of the GOP and conservative media, pundits and podcasters, that behave like this as well – all modeled after Trump.

The sooner Trump is gone, the better.

H/T @JoshPower80