Mark Fisher, co-founder of “Black Lives Matter” endorsed Trump who was proud to flaunt it on his social media accounts. Said one commenter on X, “Of course BLM loves Trump, he let them burn, loot, pillage and plunder for months and didn’t do a thing about it.”

Another said, “BLM are domestic terrorists who destroyed businesses, got people killed, burned down cities, and defrauded their donors.They call for the wholesale slaughter of cops and whites. Trump is “honored” to have their support.”

Trump stands with BLM.

Trump stands with Kim Kardashian.

Trump stands with Caitlyn Jenner and Disney.

Trump endorsed Stacy Abrams over Brian Kemp

Trump stands with Pfizer.

Trump stands with Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

Trump stands with Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan.

Trump stands with Gavin Newsom, Stacy Abrams, Charlie Crist, and Gov Andrew Cuomo.

Trump stands with Kim Jong-un, Putin and Xi.

So tell us again who is the RINO?