These are some of the accusations in the latest indictment against Donald J. Trump:

1. Trump attempted to stay in power by overturning a free and fair election in which he lost handily. Some of his co-conspirators were plotting to have him declare Martial Law in order to achieve a takeover.

2. Knowing that if he stayed in power there would be rioting throughout the country, Trump planned on invoking the Insurrection Act which allows the Military to suppress civil disorder.

3. Trump helped to PLAN A RIOT that resulted in multiple injuries and deaths.

4. Trump didn’t immediately ask the rioters to STOP AND GO HOME once it got out of hand.

5. Trump contacted officials in GEORGIA and ARIZONA to try to get them to get his VOTE COUNT RAISED.

6. Trump was part of a plot to have FAKE ELECTORS from SEVEN different states OVERTURN their election results. Some of those electors had no idea what they were signing up for.

7. Trump asked his DOJ to “just say the election was stolen, and the Republican congress will take care of the rest.”

8. Trump created the STOP THE STEAL slush fund to generate MILLIONS of dollars in donations. Those donations never went for that purpose, but to pay his legal bills.

9. Trump LIED to his followers saying that the election was stolen while KNOWING that it really wasn’t. Cohort Steve Bannon had announced this plan far head of the election and so did Roger Stone. Both were convicted of other crimes for which Trump had pardoned them.

10. Trump asked that metal detectors NOT be used on the rioters and that they be let in without screening for weapons because “they’re not here to hurt me”.