These are posts collected from Twitter made by astute observers of the Trump perfidy. We have their permission to post.

Byron Donalds

Byron Donalds sides with Kamala Harris when it comes to Florida’s “racist” curriculum and MAGA is worshiping him like some hero of the Republican party.

Thomas Massie doesn’t side with Trump when it comes to the economically disastrous CARES Act and yet, MAGA wants him thrown out of the Republican party.

Spending money like a socialist, running around calling everything racist, and promoting the vaccine is what the Republican party has become under Trump’s leadership.

Not that it was so great before, but I’m not sure how this is any better.

On Hypocrisy

When Vivek attends Harvard and Yale, he’s the biggest genius in the Republican Party.
When DeSantis does the same thing, he’s part of a secret society.

When Trump gets on stage with Lindsey Graham and hires over 30 Bush people, it’s “4D chess”.
When Jeb Bush is at DeSantis’s inauguration, he’s working with him.

When Trump takes a loan from Soros, it means nothing.
When DeSantis takes no money from him and fires a prosecutor that Soros funded, it means he’s working with him.

When Trump changes his position on Ukraine, he’s a brilliant foreign policy strategist.
When DeSantis does the same thing, he’s a neocon.

When Trump empowers Fauci, it’s to expose him.
When DeSantis takes advice from Fauci for a few months (while Trump was empowering him) he’s worse than Andrew Cuomo.

When Trump funds Operation Warp Speed and calls himself the father of the vaccine, it’s part of some plan to save the world.
When DeSantis distributes vaccines in Florida, he’s trying to poison everyone.

Being a total hypocrite and accusing others of doing what your candidate actually did, is just fake and pathetic.

Trump isn’t responsible for any of the people he hires, but DeSantis is completely responsible for someone he didn’t hire posting a video.

Trump gets all the credit for firing Comey, but replacing him with Wray wasn’t his fault. Chris Christie made him do it, the same Chris Christie who he refers to as a total loser.

Trump won us the House in the midterms, but he didn’t cost us the Senate. We lost that because of Roe getting overturned, which was also his greatest accomplishment.

Or maybe it was because of Mitch McConnell, who Trump endorsed along with Ronna McDaniel, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham.

But DeSantis is the RINO.

No sane person actually believes this.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek basically googles “conservative talking points,” and parrots them daily.

DeSantis does everything that Vivek talks about, but Republicans believe Vivek’s empty words over DeSantis’s actions.

They also claim that DeSantis isn’t “ready” to be President, but Vivek totally is.

Then they make excuses for Vivek’s shady connections, while flat-out lying about shady connections to DeSantis that don’t even exist.

Everything they pretend to dislike about DeSantis, is reality when it comes to Vivek. They’re such obvious frauds.

Vaccine – Operation Warp Speed

When Trump says that the vaccine saved millions of lives, he’s ignoring all of the lives it ruined.

I talk about the vaccine because I want justice for everyone who was injured by it, lost a loved one to it, or lost their job for refusing to take it.

We will never get that justice if we elect someone who helped usher in the socialist Covid scam and says that he wouldn’t change a thing about how he handled it.

I know, he didn’t mandate the vaccine. However, there’s nothing to mandate if Trump doesn’t push the FDA to rush it out in the first place. Let’s also not forget that two of his SCOTUS picks upheld federal mandates after he left office.

He is the self-proclaimed father of the vaccine, and he is still running around defending it, and there’s no defending that.