Just like the Pac-Man game, the Dominion Voting Systems is eating those who spread derogatory, unsubstantiated and false claims about its equipment and the 2020 election. Fox News is the latest and Pac-Man even gobbled up Tucker Carlson.

According to media reports, Pac-Man continues forward and the next defendant is Mike Lindell, The Pillow Man, who just lost a $5 million bet that he had electronic evidence of fraud. Dominion Voting Systems has also filed defamation cases against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, One America Network and Newsmax.

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Dominion Is Not Done Fighting 2020 Election Lies. A Look At Its Other Cases

When Dominion settled its closely-watched $787.5m defamation lawsuit against Fox last month, its lawyers made it clear that the company would continue to pursue legal action against those who spread false claims about the company and the 2020 election.

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