From Peter Henlein aka @SwissWatchGuy on Twitter/X:

Trump’s embrace of TikTok perfectly demonstrates…

– how easily Trump can be bought and controlled by monied interests.

– the sad reality that there are no real beliefs left in a Trump dominated GOP. Only mindless agreement.

Trump openly opposed TikTok when he was President. He said it was a national security threat. He promised to ban it. He signed an EO forcing a sale or ban of TikTok. (Later rescinded by Biden)

All of MAGA agreed with Trump that TikTok was dangerous. Many of the largest MAGA influencers repeatedly called for TikTok to be banned. All of MAGA cheered when Trump signed the EO that would ban it.

Then a few months ago Trump had a meeting with billionaire Jeff Yass, who owns a multi-billion dollar stake in TikTok.

And IMMEDIATELY after that meeting, Trump did a complete 180º on TikTok, demanding it be saved and lobbying congress members aggressively to vote against legislation that would ban it or force a sale.

And all of the MAGA influencers who were once calling for TikTok to be banned immediately began calling for TikTok to be saved.

We shouldn’t have a president who can be bought so easily, and a movement like MAGA that will change its beliefs instantly because one man tells them to is nothing but a brain-dead cult.


Trump’s Executive Order

Here is Trump with Charlie Kirk stating he would never ban TikTok