Mike Flynn, the same guy who pledged allegiance to QAnon, is currently selling two books — a children’s book called “The Night the Snow Monster Attacked” and “Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare” which is a how-to-psyop manual containing a chapter called “HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE”.

Below is an ad from the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” website. CSPOA is a club for QAnon police departments willing to participate in extralegal activities when the time comes.

The ad for the Aril 17, 2024 event stated that “America is dying & her utter destruction is imminent.”

Note that “well known Russian-based media” will be available.

Click picture for an enlarged view. What / Who does this remind you of?

1. Polarization
2. Tribalization
3. Dehumanization
4. Killing