Those who are continually posting about how low gas prices were when Trump was president clearly know nothing about how gas pricing works.

“Energy Independence” is a political phrase, not a reality. We never were “energy independent” under Trump. In fact, throughout his tenure, we continued to import oil, even from Russia.

Gas prices are based on supply and demand and set by OPEC. Supply was a glut during COVID because no one was driving and that was more likely the reason prices were so low then. OPEC and its members, not the PRESIDENT, not the US, control 73% of the world’s crude oil and produce about 40% of crude. ALL OPEC has to do is say, hmm..too much demand, raise it, and up go the prices.

We are producing oil at an all-time high TODAY, but guess what? 6 refineries were shuttered between 2020 and 2021 due to “COVID-related policies” (Wonder whose policies those were?).

There’s a myriad of factors so this take about Trump and how wonderful he was for energy is just all a bunch of hot air and misinformation.