by @JoshPower80

I keep hearing: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago??”

YES, I absolutely am! Under Trump, this country was in the worse shape I’ve ever seen it. Completely divided, unhinged and chaotic. Fauci as a bio-tyrant and a dictator, Birx and Jerome Adams on my tv set speaking and acting like psychopaths, the mandatory masks, the schools, businesses, churches closed, mass rioting, our cities burning, a general feeling that the country was falling apart and on the brink.

Then roll in Trump’s Warp Speed and the poison poke for good measure. FUN!

Trump, his allies and Con Inc point to inflation and ‘Bidenomics’. Yes, inflation climbed under Biden but that was because Trump printed and spent more cash than any POTUS in American history while simultaneously shutting down the economy, wrecking our supply chains and totally obliterating the supply side of our economy.

When you close businesses, cripple production and pay people not to work, it creates a shortage of products produced and services provided, leading to scarcity. You then ramp up the printers and flood the economy with $8T in cash. You get cheap, accessible cash everywhere, and a mass shortage of goods and services. What do you think will happen in that situation? Inflation!

It takes 10-18 months to see inflation after inflationary actions are taken, which is why we didn’t start seeing it until Biden was in office. Anyone with even a little bit of education in basic economics knows Trump’s response to COVID caused our inflation.

Biden has been trash on the border and immigration – 100% agree there. Trump did a better job at managing the border. But overall, Trump was a wreck of a President. This fairy tale the Republicans and Con Inc are trying to sell us about how great things were when he was in office is just trash and condescending to people that actually lived through it.

Note: The stock market is also at an all-time high.