These are but a few of the reasons courtesy of @JoshPower80

Supporting Trump over DeSantis in the primary shows me you aren’t a real conservative. You put your grifting and money making ventures over America’s interests, and people like you are why we’re now stuck with Trump, an immoral, degenerate, fat New York liberal at the head of the party.

Trump is clearly incompetent, dishonest, hurts conservatism and governs like a big government authoritarian. He’s pro-big government, approved largest stimulus in American history, paid people not to work, wanted it even bigger, attacked Republicans like Massie who tried to keep the dollar amount in check. He called Republicans ‘RINOs’ for wanting less spending.

He Added more debt than any President in American history (even before COVID, he was on track to add more debt than Obama). He grew the deficits more than Obama. Printed more money than any President in history, which combined with the COVID lockdowns halted production and crippled our supply chains, and kicked off the worst inflation in 40 years. HIS policies lit the match of inflation.

He deported fewer illegal aliens in his 4-year term than Obama did in either of his 4-year terms, he talked a big game on immigration but it was all a lie. He worked with Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to personally approve the largest amnesty bill in American history, which thankfully was defeated in the Senate. He betrayed us on immigration, a key pillar of his 2016 campaign, to ‘make a deal’ with the Democrats.

His authoritarian, draconian COVID lockdowns were the greatest deprivation of civil liberties in American history. He put fiendish, insane, bio-tyrant Fauci in charge, refused to fire him, did everything he said, and gave him a medal his last day in office.

He used the bully pulpit to attack governors that tried to open their states (like DeSantis and Kemp). Sent legal missives from the White House to compel them to close back down once they re-opened.

He pushed the FDA to approve the vaccine on 90-day safety trials when it usually takes 10 years, then lied to his constituency and told us all it was 100% safe and effective when there was no way he could have known that – how many people got blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and myocarditis from his poison poke?

He said use the government to take people’s guns first and then go through due process later. He called to “terminate of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution” to overturn the 2020 election. You supported a dunce that calls to terminate the Constitution over a constitutional scholar like DeSantis?

He caused the GOP to lose every election since 2018. Turned AZ and GA blue. MI, CO, WI, PA, AZ state GOP are all going broke or bankrupt. The RNC has less than $8M now and the Dems are destroying us in fundraising.

He sided with woke Disney to attack Ron DeSantis over teaching sexual matters to K-3rd grade. attacked Ron for standing up for our kids.

He’s an elitist, globalist that said Klaus Schwab is doing a great job and sent Ivanka to be a WEF Young Leader. He can’t fight woke and ESG because he’s in bed with Blackrock – he went to LARRY FINK of all people for directions on how to handle COVID finances, which turned out to be the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the billionaires in American history. Go figure!

He said the word woke is ‘stupid because nobody knows what it means’. Answered ‘what is a woman’ like Ketanji Brown Jackson – UMMMMMMMM…..CHUCKLES

Said he’d expose Saudi involvement in 9/11, never did any of that, but ended up doing business deals with the Saudis that enriched himself, and Jared Kushner by $2 billion, and now he’s golfing buddies with the Saudi regime. What happened to justice for 9/11 families??

This dope said Pelosi is strong, smart and tough, that he liked her and wanted her to be Speaker of the House and would help whip votes for her. Said he likes Gavin Newsom because he’s nice to him, so he won’t say bad things about him. Said NY is better than FL (called Florida a wreck, dump, etc). Said Cuomo is better than DeSantis. Said far-left Democrat Stacey Abrams would be a better governor than Republican Brian Kemp.

This dude is a JOKE. And shame on you and all the others in the party that picked Trump over a qualified, true conservative leader like DeSantis, a military veteran and a patriot that respects the constitution and actually gets RESULTS instead of whining, governing like a lib, and destroying the GOP.