This is a list of many of the lies Trump and Haley and their surrogates are promoting about others candidates, specifically in this case about Gov. DeSantis…

1. Ron groomed underage girls in high school.

2. Ron oversaw torture at Gitmo.

3. Ron is funded and endorsed by George Soros.

4. Ron is secretly answering and being commanded by the Bushes.

5. Ron’s campaign is secretly run by Karl Rove.

6. Ron is a RINO, Globalist, Neocon, etc.

7. Ron is being advised by Paul Ryan.

8. Andrew Cuomo and NY did better than DeSantis and Florida.

9. DeSantis failed to combat Disney.

10. Ron’s campaign is secretly being run by his wife.

11. Ron eats pudding with his fingers. (?)

12. His campaign events are not frequent or being attended (they used pictures before event started to try to claim it was during)

13. He approves of and wants the war in Ukraine.

14. He is beholden to his donors and therefore corrupt (neither true).

15. He wants to cut SS and Medicare.

16. He wants to impose a “New Sales Tax” (they intentionally leave out the fact that this is to replace the federal income tax – something trump also supported).

17. The DeSantis campaign bus broke down and they used a picture of them unloading baggage from the bus as “evidence”. (this one was just unnecessarily stupid).

18. Casey faked her cancer.

19. Ron abandoned Florida voters.

20. Ron said he wouldn’t run for president if re-elected Governor.

21. He shut down Florida against Trump’s wishes.

22. He mandated the vaccine.

23. He had a preacher arrested for not closing his church.

24. Team DeSantis asked the RNC for a rule change that prevents indicted candidates from appearing on the ballot.

25. Trump PAC accused DeSantis of ethics violation, and filed a formal complaint to try and prevent him from running.

26. Deepfakes of Soros and Bushes in Ron DeSantis pictures.

27. Silenced free speech with his antisemitism laws.

28. Desantis worked with DOJ/FBI and had advance knowledge of Mar-A-Lago raid.

29. Desantis didn’t say anything about the indictments against Trump.

30. Ron is on Ozempic.

31. Ron had something to do with his sister’s death.

32. Casey isn’t who she says she is because she goes by her middle name.

33. He stole his platform from Trump (RDS is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus).

34. He had a secret pact to run as Trump’s VP before the “deep state” got to him.

35. He said he wouldn’t run for President if elected Governor.

36. He imposed “hate speech laws” in Florida.

37. He wears lifts in his cowboy boots.

38. He implemented Red Flag laws in Florida.

39. Ron is somehow responsible for the death of Peter Antonacci.

40. DeSantis is to blame for FSU not making it to the #4 spot in the CFP playoff.

41. DeSantis was against fracking.

42. DeSantis didn’t sign a bathroom bill.

43. DeSantis curried favor with communist China.

44. Has no ground game in Iowa and New Hampshire.

We may add updates to this list from time to time.