Here is a short list of Trump’s entanglements with the Bushes.

Let’s start with Trump’s pollster, McLaughlin & Associates. McLaughlin was Jeb Bush’s pollster and he has been paid $3.8 million by Trump since 2016.

In addition to Jeb Bush, Trump’s pollster has worked with: Anheuser-Busch, Pfizer,Amazon / Bezos, NY Post / Murdoch, Eric Cantor, Gates Foundation / Bill Gates

Donald Trump’s strategist, Susie Wiles, worked for: George H.W. Bush, Democrat Charlie Crist, Obama’s Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Chris LaCivita, worked for: The Bush family, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Democrat Charlie Crist, Pro-Trump impeachment Congressman Anthony Gonzalez.

Donald Trump’s New Hampshire State Director Trevor Naglieri worked for Jeb Bush; Donald Trump’s campaign co-chair in South Carolina is Lindsey Graham, who endorsed Jeb Bush in 2016.

Donald Trump’s rallies are organized by Event Strategies, Inc. Trump has paid them $377,780 so far in 2023. Their clients include: Disney, Bloomberg, Romney, McCain, Bill and Melinda Gates, HBO, Microsoft.

Bill Barr, an attorney general under President George H.W. Bush

Mike Purpura and Pat Philpin, served under President George W. Bush

Pat Cipollone, who served in the elder Bush’s Justice Department.

Deputy secretary of the Treasury Department, Justin Muzinich, worked on Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign

Trump’s pick to run the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Heath Tarbert, served as an associate counsel to George W. Bush

Jim Jeffrey, a former senior aide in George W. Bush’s White House, became Trump’s U.S. special representative to Syria

And then there’s Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — a former George W. Bush White House aide who liked Bush so much he later served as his personal lawyer.

Trump hired Karl Rove to advise his campaign in 2020.