by Josh Power

Trump is not a conservative, he’s a reactionary populist that leads by ratings, polls and crowd sizes because that’s what strokes his massive ego. He has no principles and no morals, he’s not Christian, he calls prolife legislation awful. He’s a silver spoon brat that dodged the draft while his fellow Americans sacrificed in Vietnam, then said American POWs don’t have his respect because he ‘likes people that don’t get caught’.

He praises Xi, Putin and Kim for being amazing dictators, while attacking DeSantis, Kemp, Reynolds and Youngkin. He said Abrams is better than Kemp, Cuomo is better than DeSantis, California is better than FL. He’s a woke moron that defends Disney and wants men in his beauty pageant, he makes lewd sexual innuendo about his own daughter. He cheats on all his wives, at least one of whom while she was pregnant – he’s goes out and fornicates with a trashy porn person that’s slept with thousands of random men then paid her hush money – all while his very beautiful wife Melania was home with his child in her belly.

He talks of suspending the Constitution to allow himself to stay in power, talks of sending government forces to take weapons from citizens without due process. He handed the country over to Fauci and locked us down, shut schools, businesses and churches and then attacked DeSantis & Kemp when they dared rebel against his tyranny. He pushed the FDA to approve his poison poke on a few months safety testing when vaccines are normally tested for 10 years.

He called all the J6ers to DC to defend his BS marketing lie that the election was stolen, they go to jail, he didn’t pardon them before leaving office because he was too busy giving Fauci a medal.

He grifted $250M to stop the steal from grandmas and grandpas on fixed incomes and didn’t spend a dime on stopping the steal, but he did pay his son’s girlfriend (Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife) 60k for a 3 min speech and gave Melania’s stylist 208k (sad that grandmas are paying for a billionaires wife’s hair)

He bragged on tape that he likes chasing married women which is a super-Christian thing to do, and he told Howard Stern he likes walking through dressing rooms at his beauty pageants and looking at naked 14 year old girls. It’s well documented that he partied with Epstein for 15 years (reminder – Epstein ran underage girls to perverted billionaires and celebrities that liked to party, Trump is a perverted billionaire celebrity that liked to party).

He hired and fired about a hundred people, telling us they were all ‘great, amazing, the best people’ then a few months later told us they were ‘dogs, traitors, low IQ people that never should have been hired’.

He printed more money than anyone in modern history and his deficit spending was off the chain, he’s caused the GOP to lose ground in every election since he barely beat Hillary in 2016, which was his most amazing political accomplishment – beating the 2nd most unpopular presidential candidate in modern history (guess who’s #1).

The man is insane, he’s a con, a grifter, a fraud, a liar, and a fool.

Why do you still support him??