So if you’re curious about the Tucker/Trump interview, do not bother to waste time watching it. We did, so you won’t have to. Here is what it was like:

Trump said he wasn’t going to debate because of his lead in the “polls”. What an excuse! We know the real reason he wouldn’t debate — he didn’t want anyone to call him out on his poor record. He preferred to call names and take shots at other conservatives in a safe place where he could not be debunked.

He also said on video he didn’t want to “look like a fool” because people “want a smart president”. A fool? I hate to tell him but that ship sailed long ago.

He started off by attacking Ron DeSantis. No, RDS is not a “lost cause”. Many outlets have said he was the winner of the real debate including FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NY Post and Washington Post and other Governors. He gained many endorsements after the debate and got a nice bump out of it with the focus groups.

Trump again made excuses for his failed term, blaming it on “not knowing Washington”. He wrongly kept trying to take credit for the successes of others, and of course, spewed the usual criticism and name-calling of anyone else mentioned who wasn’t beholden to him.

He even admitted he hired the Bushies, an accusation his sycophants often put upon his rivals.

Then he went on to talk about the “rigged” election. A lot of this was his same old rant, and more speculation about whether people liked him or not. He admitted he took the term “crooked” off Hillary. It’s clear that a “RINO” is still all about who likes him, not who is not a conservative, as we saw when he endorsed Stacey Abrams against Brian Kemp and praised and even pardoned other Democrats.

He made fun of how Biden walks, and his skinny legs, when he himself couldn’t manage a ramp without having someone assist him by holding his arm. Meanwhile, Tucker indulged him every step of the way and let him continue to lie.

He lied about keeping us from nuclear war with Kim. He actually wanted to nuke NK and blame it on some other country, according to his military aides.

He said he thought Kim Jong, Putin and Xi think he’s great when truthfully they all were laughing behind his back. These are his idols.

He talked about mail-in ballots being a way to cheat and complained about the 2016 election where Hillary was supposed to win. But he was the one who enabled the CARES Act which enabled vote by mail!

He called the CIA “bad actors” one minute, and the next, bragged about killing Soleimani, stating he did some very good work with the CIA.

Next he went back onto ”DeSanctus” and claimed they would go after him too, or anyone else, despite the fact that those people hadn’t committed and/or don’t intend to commit crimes. He insisted that his indictments are a fraud simply because he’s so high in the “polls”. He failed to note that others who challenged elections did not commit any crimes in the process and thus were not indicted for merely questioning the results of their elections.

When talking about fraudulent elections he said that Pence had the right to reject the electors (even tho he didn’t) along with insisting he won states he didn’t. Then he blamed RINOS and Democrats for changing it so the VP could not do it. (Not true of course)

He also seemed to insinuate that he’s still the president! Some refuse to call him president, instead choosing ‘former president’ but that apparently doesn’t sit right with him.

He also had the nerve to mention “loyalty” — not his to others, but only of others’ to him of course.

His number one priority when asked was border security even though he did not build the wall as he said he would. He lied about how much wall he built, but as expected, Tucker never once challenged him on that or any other lies.

Of course he mentioned his large crowds, lying again about the size of the January 6th crowd and insisted there was “love and unity” in that “beautiful” crowd.

It was a low-energy, uninformative interview that didn’t add anything to mix and certainly didn’t give anyone a reason to suddenly support him again. It was very unpresidential and he didn’t talk about what he would do if given a second term. It was simply a redux of the usual rambling nonsense about the past we’ve heard a million times before.

Tucker should be ashamed after the things he said about Trump, to simp for him like this. There were no hardball questions, just more of Trump’s delusional thoughts and ramblings, with Tucker never challenging him on anything.

In summary, it was more of Trump’s name-calling, big lies, narcissism, self-aggrandizement, and whining about his indictments that Trump is so well-known for. Don’t waste your time watching.