Former President Donald Trump and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were such good friends they shared the same mentor. His name was Roy Cohn, a gay lawyer with a penchant for younger men who eventually died of AIDS.

How Donald Trump and Roy Cohn’s Ruthless Symbiosis Changed America

As columnist Liz Smith once observed, “Donald lost his moral compass when he made an alliance with Roy Cohn.”

Artist Maria Farmer once worked for Epstein and his co-criminal Ghislaine Maxwell. Farmer and her younger sister Annie were alleged to be victims of sexual attacks by Epstein and Maxwell. Maria says she was held captive at Les Wexner’s estate in Ohio. Wexner was the owner of Victoria’s Secret and somehow involved with Epstein. You may recall that Maxwell told Maria that she was recruiting underaged girls whom she often picked off theh street to become models for the Victoria’s Secret catalog. In reality, she was grooming them to be sex objects for older men who would then be videotaped in compromising situations with these young girls. Maria often speaks of the fact that she saw the “surveillance” room where people watched what was being recorded on monitors that were hooked to cameras in each bedroom and bathroom.

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Maria Farmer Holds L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner Responsible for Assault on His Property

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, Maria Farmer, says that she holds L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner responsible for her sexual assault she says occurred on his property. Farmer, now 50, alleged in an affidavit that when she was 26 and working for Epstein, he and and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell molested her while she staying at his invitation in a home in New Albany, Ohio, located on 336 acres of land owned by Wexner.

At age 25, Farmer was serving as the receptionist at the Epstein mansion in NY. One night she was sitting by the door in running shorts and no makeup when Trump waltzed in. She told of how Trump looked her up and down, then cast a disapproving glance toward Epstein. Epstein then assured Trump that ‘she’s not here for you’. Trump then proceeded upstairs…

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser: When Donald Trump Eyed Me, Epstein Remarked ‘She’s Not for You’

In a harrowing report from the New York Times on Monday, sisters Maria Farmer and Annie Farmer divulged details of the earliest known reports to authorities of Jeffrey Epstein’s illicit sexual contact with young women and young girls. They accused both Epstein and his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell of sexually assaulting them as early as 1996, a year before actress and model Alicia Arden filed a police report claiming that Epstein groped her.

Now we read that Jeffrey Epstein said he stopped hanging out with Trump ‘when he realized Trump was a crook,’ according to his brother.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers, has testified that his associate Ghislaine Maxwell first picked her up at Mar-a-Lago when she was 16 years old before introducing her to Epstein. At Maxwell’s own criminal trial, in 2021, one accuser testified that Maxwell introduced her to Trump at Mar-a-Lago when she was 14 years old. Other accusers said Maxwell and Epstein often namedropped Trump.

Maria is now asking why the FBI did not investigate her accusations at the time.

Daily Beast – Epstein Victim Demands FBI Investigate Its Failure to Stop Him

Maria Farmer is asking the FBI to probe why it failed to investigate Jeffrey Epstein in the decades before his arrest, despite being contacted by his victims.

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